Our mission is the alleviation of human hardship regardless of ethnicity, race and creed.  For all of us who share the vision of Perichoresis and work towards its realization, we EMBRACE our destitute fellow man and encompass all people, both native and foreign, in the SPIRIT of INCLUSION.

Perichoresis, funded by private donors and in cooperation with strategic partners, has undertaken programs to provide humanitarian assistance and protection to refugees. We have implemented a wide range of projects, including food distribution, protection, logistics, housing, health care, legal aid, and education projects.

The imperative need to provide care for refugees who have been living for months in camps under squalid conditions is the reason for the establishment of Perichoresis.

Our goal is for every refugee, who seeks a better and brighter future in Europe, to be given the best possible hospitality during their stay in our country; to be provided with a safe haven, food, clothing, medicine and health care, psychosocial support, social and educational activities, and legal assistance.

Through these actions, we are committed to facilitating the social inclusion and integration of the refugees into the European community, which is an essential process whether they decide to remain in Greece or resettle in another European country through the relocation/reunification program. We seek to assist them in establishing a daily routine, achieve self-sufficiency to a certain extent and restore normalcy in their lives.

Our vision includes embracing Greek society as a whole as we continue to cater to its needs. This has been done through the Greek Evangelical Church of Katerini since the establishment of The Philoptochos Society, and more recently through its Food Bank which is a direct result of the ongoing financial crisis.