At the close of the school year, teachers, students, and supporters of the English School (funded by Brot für die Welt and Hilfe für Brüder) gathered to celebrate all the progress that was made. The two teachers spoke about the close bonds they developed with students, telling those in attendance that this year working at the PERICHORESIS English School was the most professionally fulfilling year of their careers. The school was a place where students succeeded both academically and personally. In November 2017, students had their first exam (A1 level) conducted specially by the Hellenic American Union in Katerini and 25 out of 90 students participated. All who participated passed the exams with very good marks (70%-100% scored) for a 100% success rate! In June 2018, students will take exams again, many hoping to get their B2’s. The school is also a place where students from a variety of cultural, social and religious backgrounds came together to learn in a supportive environment, both in between classes and at social events. All this and more was on full display at the farewell celebration where individuals were called up one-by-one to receive certificates for successfully completing their English classes. Following the awarding of the certificates, students, staff, and supporters of the school socialized by taking photographs, joking, and enjoying snacks together.  

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